Steal My Sunshine

Today we went to the beach together with my Mum and her co-workers. Even though they were like 30+ people there, I still felt lonely.. Didn't know anyone that much except of course, my mum and I am too shy to introduce myself to the other people who are at least at my age. We waited for a speed boat to get us to go to Playa Azalaya which was in the Island called Samal. As the speedboat arrived, we found out only 12 people can get in.. So me and my mum were very 'generous and patient' enough to just wait for the 2nd trip by generous and patient I mean getting soaked in the sun and no proper waiting area but when the 2nd trip came, the boat driver came up to us and told us that there was no more gasoline for the speedboat and told us to wait for another half an hour, Yeah we are so patient... Since I didn't know anyone there except again for my mum, I told her to just get a photo of me instead so that it would take up all our time and at least we would have something to do. 
 So my mum took this photo and well, I was impressed! It was great but it was blur :(
After my mum took one photo of me, which is the one I showed she suddenly just gave me the camera and left me all alone. Lol I love you too mum. So I decided to do a self timer, It won't hurt to try I bet. 
I thought that it was nice but its against the light so I had to do it the other way but I loved the view this wayy, nooooooooooo :(

The result of the other way around. haha :)

But I loved it more when I had my hat on!

 So I decided to stop being vain with myself for a moment there and explore the place before the speedboat comes. 

 I found some cute bracelets in this place!

 So, Finally the speedboat came!  Hop ON it says!!! haha
didn't get the picture of the boat though, aha :(

I didn't get to picture everything though, I got sort of well 'busy' at some point.
How was your weekend and holiday?


  1. Nice pics.^^
    Thanks,for your comment on my blog and sorry for my late answer.
    Hope we can follow each other???
    Lovely greets Nessa

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