Summer's Over Soon!

This photo was suppose to be on one of my post days ago but then - there was something wrong with my lookbook and up until now. So, instead, I'm just posting it here to share it to all of you. Its finally June 1 and I'll be in school in about 8 more days so, busy busy busy soon! I guess this would be my last post of being in some "freedom" clothing as I call it. haha! Dress code and uniforms are such a burden! Hows the beginning of summer to most of you and to some, are you ready for school? 

Cheers, Lee


Bossaball: Best Sport Ever?

following photos doesn't belong to me yet to the Bossaball Worldwide - Official facebook account.
"What is Bossaball?", first question that came into my friend's mind when I told him about it. Bossaball is a sport invented in Spain by Filip Eyckmans whose Belgian (*bows to Mr. Filip Eyckmans*) and Well, for me, Bossaball is the best sport ever made. You get to play it with volleyball, football/soccer, gymnastics and capoeira all together in one sport. Who doesn't want that? Plus the area of where you'll be playing it is in an inflatable court and has trampolines on each side.
Talk about serious game + playground = Awesome.
Oh! Oh!, there's a DJ too! (calm down party girl, you.)

Bossaball takes place whether indoors or outdoors. So rain or shine or snowy, let the games begin! I just can't wait for maybe one day, they'll be able to reach my country and I can maybe get to try? The sport seems interesting and if one day I'd be able to play this, I can finally be happy for at least something in my bucketlist is crossed! Oh one day, one day baby.

For more information, please visit www.BossaballSports.com

Cheers, Lee xx
(not a sponsored post, own interest in the sport)


SoftSoap Body Butter

Hey guys! So last week I went to the store to buy some things that I needed at home. As I was in the body wash aisle, I was looking for SoftSoap's Coconut Scrub Bar but then they ran out. I looked around even more because maybe theres one left, you know? (their coconut scrub is my favorite!!!) Although sad part was, there was none so I grabbed the Dove shea butter instead. As I was looking further, I saw this cute container and what was inside looked like a smoothie. So I was curious and I opened it to smell it. It smelled soo good that I had to buy one myself. SoftSoap's Body Butter Strawberry Smoother was my choice. I just love love looooove strawberry (and pink haha)! So as usual, being impatient as ever, I had the urge to try it right away when I got home. I love how there's like small beads to exfoliate yourself with while you wash your body. The 'small beads', as I call it, is not harsh at all. Its just enough to exfoliate the knees, elbows and whatever else! Soo overall, I love this product! Oh btw, whenever I use it in the bathroom, the smell doesn't go away for days!! (even when I go doo doo, smell never goes away) & you know when you scratch yourself and then theres like a white mark thing left when you don't put lotion because of dry skin? Yeah.. when I started using this, I can go out even without using any lotion. I can't wait for my next purchase with this one!

Cheers, Lee

(No, I wasn't sponsored to do this and all. Personal review)