Steal My Sunshine

Today we went to the beach together with my Mum and her co-workers. Even though they were like 30+ people there, I still felt lonely.. Didn't know anyone that much except of course, my mum and I am too shy to introduce myself to the other people who are at least at my age. We waited for a speed boat to get us to go to Playa Azalaya which was in the Island called Samal. As the speedboat arrived, we found out only 12 people can get in.. So me and my mum were very 'generous and patient' enough to just wait for the 2nd trip by generous and patient I mean getting soaked in the sun and no proper waiting area but when the 2nd trip came, the boat driver came up to us and told us that there was no more gasoline for the speedboat and told us to wait for another half an hour, Yeah we are so patient... Since I didn't know anyone there except again for my mum, I told her to just get a photo of me instead so that it would take up all our time and at least we would have something to do. 
 So my mum took this photo and well, I was impressed! It was great but it was blur :(
After my mum took one photo of me, which is the one I showed she suddenly just gave me the camera and left me all alone. Lol I love you too mum. So I decided to do a self timer, It won't hurt to try I bet. 
I thought that it was nice but its against the light so I had to do it the other way but I loved the view this wayy, nooooooooooo :(

The result of the other way around. haha :)

But I loved it more when I had my hat on!

 So I decided to stop being vain with myself for a moment there and explore the place before the speedboat comes. 

 I found some cute bracelets in this place!

 So, Finally the speedboat came!  Hop ON it says!!! haha
didn't get the picture of the boat though, aha :(

I didn't get to picture everything though, I got sort of well 'busy' at some point.
How was your weekend and holiday?


Colorful Magic

When I saw this top, my adrenaline was rushing. It is such a great top to start with made me speechless in particular. I had been lookin' for these kind of epic print sweaters for centuries already. but the counter part of buying this was the................PRICE! The price was horridly too much, expensiveee but then weeks passed and I still kept on having my thoughts of the sweater and didn't hesitate to buy it off the next week, all I had to do was to close my eyes at the counter. but I LOVE IT, super duper comfortable & worth it!

So on to my post. Today I got a mail from the post office that I have a new package in for me.
I quickly went there and claimed it. I was shocked that it was hard and I quickly ripped it open 'cause of my curiousness.. Oh My Curiousness aren't patient alright. Haha
I was shocked to see that there was a box inside, an awesome box that was completely sealed! Great package!! Makin' it safe for this package to arrive my city!
I turned the box over & OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The shoes came from Yeswalker.com/YesStyle.com! Their products are soooo fantastic and amazing, It was really hard to get off their site 'cause of the thousaaaands of amazing stuff they got! They are so fashyown, blew my mind away! I didn't hesitate to order from their site 'cause of the great products they had!

The shoes were quality perfect, just like in the real picture of the product in their site!
I'm giving them infinite points for that, just soo good! From the moment I wore the shoes on, I couldn't get them off 'cause they were too good to be true!! Pretty, fantastic & comfortable shoessss too! They could pair with any clothing I had from a day to day wear to a nighty wear! With these shoes, I wouldn't need to wear heels anymore 'cause of the platform having few inches... Awesomeee, no shorty meee! The shoes were reallly eye catching that made it okay not to wear any jewelries at all. But the thing that I really loved from their site was the shipping, It got in real fast like in just a week! infinite stars! :)

Buy one now @ Yeswalker to experience their

What I Was Wearing:
Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Dollhouse
Shades: Sisters
Shoes: YesWalker

Hype this look here:



Shorts: Bubbles
Shoes: Sugar and Spice

Today is the all souls day and Halloweeen! 
I didn't get to go at any parties tho. but I dressed up a little even tho we were just going to my gradfathers grave and visit him. 
I was goin to go for cheetah girl + hipster. Lol
It sounds weird when I put it that way but I liked it!!
How was your halloween? What did you wear?? Comment down below :)
Have a great week!


Wild Owls

Look what came in mail today!!!!
I finally got my most anticipated top from Vivilli.


 Lookin' good with studs aye??
I can't wait to wear this top and well show it off to people 
(in a good way ofcourse!) lol

 The top reminds me of last year which me and my classmate did during recollection..
Owling. Hahahaha! oh good times 

The fabric is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I say soooo Fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
So good, top is comfortable.. I felt free as if I wasn't wearing any top at all. Haha!!!
The print, the studs.. ohhhwwww I can't get enough of! 

As I was lookin' around the top.. I saw something that makes the top more nicer!
They added something that made it easier to roll up the sleeve, I mean how nice is thatttt? ++++ points for meee!
But last but not least is the fact that the clothes at Vivilli  are really affordable + they serve free shipping worldwide!

I love the top like so much, do you love them too?

Gooo Shop Nanananowww. http://www.vivilli.com/ and enjoy! :)



Clothes, Its Everywhere!

Hey Readers! I missed you like sooooooo much, where have you been?LOL

anyway, today I found a very cool site, the name of the site is Storets
There are a whole lot of lovely stuff, I say! Prints, prints and allll what is IN Fashion World right now! It basically made me want to buy everything that they have in their store... skirts, studded clothings, shoes, jewelries, bags, and many more!
 Let me show you the few things I like!  
(p.s. It was very hard to choose a few since everything looks soooooo nice, took me few hours just to figure it out! haha)
all photos are not mine, courtesy of http://storets.com


*Dress Section

Don't you just love it?  Its sheerness and the print?

*Top Section
  Studs, studs, studs! Oh dear studs....
BeauBo-dresskill studded cut out shoulder cropped top

I love how they paired the outfit together! Makes me wanna buy both *______*
highwaist mimi shorts

It'll be the best-awesome, If I had these in my closet!
scarf print cigarette pants

 neon color spotted skirt orange

 scallop lapen blossom chiffon blaze

spell P-E-R-F-E-C-T? THIS.
 sleeveless glam faux fox fur coat


I had been searching for this flower headband but now I found it, Thanks Storets!

Which one did you like the best?
 leave a comment below and let me know!