Colorful Magic

When I saw this top, my adrenaline was rushing. It is such a great top to start with made me speechless in particular. I had been lookin' for these kind of epic print sweaters for centuries already. but the counter part of buying this was the................PRICE! The price was horridly too much, expensiveee but then weeks passed and I still kept on having my thoughts of the sweater and didn't hesitate to buy it off the next week, all I had to do was to close my eyes at the counter. but I LOVE IT, super duper comfortable & worth it!

So on to my post. Today I got a mail from the post office that I have a new package in for me.
I quickly went there and claimed it. I was shocked that it was hard and I quickly ripped it open 'cause of my curiousness.. Oh My Curiousness aren't patient alright. Haha
I was shocked to see that there was a box inside, an awesome box that was completely sealed! Great package!! Makin' it safe for this package to arrive my city!
I turned the box over & OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The shoes came from Yeswalker.com/YesStyle.com! Their products are soooo fantastic and amazing, It was really hard to get off their site 'cause of the thousaaaands of amazing stuff they got! They are so fashyown, blew my mind away! I didn't hesitate to order from their site 'cause of the great products they had!

The shoes were quality perfect, just like in the real picture of the product in their site!
I'm giving them infinite points for that, just soo good! From the moment I wore the shoes on, I couldn't get them off 'cause they were too good to be true!! Pretty, fantastic & comfortable shoessss too! They could pair with any clothing I had from a day to day wear to a nighty wear! With these shoes, I wouldn't need to wear heels anymore 'cause of the platform having few inches... Awesomeee, no shorty meee! The shoes were reallly eye catching that made it okay not to wear any jewelries at all. But the thing that I really loved from their site was the shipping, It got in real fast like in just a week! infinite stars! :)

Buy one now @ Yeswalker to experience their

What I Was Wearing:
Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Dollhouse
Shades: Sisters
Shoes: YesWalker

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