Under the Dress Code Day1

Hey guys! Since It's been quite awhile like awhile I mean, over 2 years that I last posted on my blog! ( I'm sorry :( ) I decided to challenge myself wearing outfits that is under the dress code for a week. For nearly 12 years in being in a catholic school, it wasn't fun at all when we have to wear our school uniforms everyday of the week. Although there are like events in school that they would allow us to wear our 'civilian' clothing in which we may wear whatever we like but we still have to follow the dress code. No mini skirts, no shorts, no sandals, no sleeveless top, no see-through, no no no no no, full of no's! Not fun at all and yeah I still hated it, the privilege I mean. So instead of making my life miserable of the dress code (since I have to live with it anyway), I looked at the brighter side that at least I get a break of wearing the school uniform! haha

Day 1 outfit :
BMW Sweater - dads
Striped Leggings - Moms
Sunnies - My sisters from Firmoo
Sneakers - Keds (this time its mine. haha!)

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