Under the Dress Code Day 5

This might be the last outfit post of being under the dress code for the week but I assure to post some more outfit posts on my lookbook, aka the ones that used to be on my lookbook that lookbook deleted! If you wanna know more about those future outfits though, its up on my previous posts on this blog. Anyway, on to the post! haha
I'm back in school again for a couple of weeks and well, this challenge is superly needed to be applied haha. Is superly even a word? Lol! I'm wearing a few of my fave pieces in my closet. My sisters heart print polo from Romwe, my mums black skirt with a slit and my fave thrifted heels. I think I really don't own any good clothes, its just from my family or what hahaha oops! I love my heels at the same time I hate it! Love - hate relationship sucks! My heels won't fit me anymore since I bet its like a size 6 and I'm a what.. size 7.5? hahaha Although I have no plans on throwing it away because my sisters a size 6, oh well. Her clothes, my shoes -- win win.

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