Kiss The Sun

holaa! Its finally summer lol I mean, It has already started in mine since last month though hahaha! This is kinda a tbt as people call it I guess? I'm not sure! I'm so not updated with life anymore. I need to sync and update myself! This was the time when my mum and I went to the beach together with her co-workers. I love the beach so much! The salty-ness of the water is bad but good! If you get what I mean? haha

As for going there, I wore my brothers old blue long sleeved polo that he got since he was like 7, I think? and he is now 25! Keep 'em clothes, something that I learned. I wore a net top thing that I got from a LOVE store which was awesome especially for swimming purposes of covering up-ish. The purple shorts which was my dads old Levi jeans, I made it. It was fun doing some DIY's. Shoes were thrifted at a local thrift shop. Hashtag Hashtag #lucky.

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