You got the swag, the attitude.

Sunday, April 29, 2012.. I woke up early in the morning @ 6am because we got invited to 2 christening  celebrations and thank God they are both in  in the same church ♥ The only problem is that about the reception on which/where to go but my mum was the one who made the decision yet though I still wasn't prepared on what to wear today, thanks to my mind who made a match right away and I just had to find the clothes but anyway today is such a happy and blessful day!
My niece was baptised today, my uncle and aunts grandson was baptised today and I finally received my trousers from OASAP ... Ahh!! Wouldn't it get any better??   

This is my niece named Yassi, gorgeous right? please excuse her mouth lol..

 Now this is my aunt and uncles grandson or kuya Ryan's son.. ahhh!! soo cute and he has great style!

Look at his shoes!

 Okay on to my swaggie outfit blog post,
Today I wore something that is comfortable to wear for church and party..
  • Suede Booties
  • Leather Trousers
  • Long Sleeved blouse 
and to make it more of classy for the party I added some cool stuff!!
  • Awesome Necklace
  • Envelope Clutch
Since it was raining all of these were perfect and well my aunt asked, "Why is it raining.........? -.-" then my uncle answered, "because its blessing day!!!!" of course everybody in the car laughed even tho its quite corny.. haha

Soo here is my outfit post for today, hope you all like it!

  have a great day! xx 


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