Just got inspired

Today was a very hot day, phew!! At least it's better than having a photo shoot under the rain. I realize I wear too much preppy clothes, so I tried to go gothic or idk what you call it though. I got inspired by Luanna P. (Her Lookbook), Haha! I just tried to copy her style, but I guess I suck in doing it, So here are the pictures.. be nice ;) OH OH & THIS IS MY FIRST EVER TURBAN!! PARTYYYYYY :)

Hype this look on Lookbook.nu

With all these shots, Im confused on which shall I post on lookbook, help me? :D

I finally got new booties, thanks to my Aunt Darling who gave me this amazing pair & it's all the way from Korea. :) This photo makes my calves look big O.O

I didn't use much of the "bling bling" because I don't want to over exagge at the moment lol. Do you like my nails? I painted it by myself :3 tehehe, I LOVE SILVER NAIL POLISSSHHHH, send me one!! :D
Okay, thats it for now! bye bye, need to attend my cousin's birthday partyy

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