SoftSoap Body Butter

Hey guys! So last week I went to the store to buy some things that I needed at home. As I was in the body wash aisle, I was looking for SoftSoap's Coconut Scrub Bar but then they ran out. I looked around even more because maybe theres one left, you know? (their coconut scrub is my favorite!!!) Although sad part was, there was none so I grabbed the Dove shea butter instead. As I was looking further, I saw this cute container and what was inside looked like a smoothie. So I was curious and I opened it to smell it. It smelled soo good that I had to buy one myself. SoftSoap's Body Butter Strawberry Smoother was my choice. I just love love looooove strawberry (and pink haha)! So as usual, being impatient as ever, I had the urge to try it right away when I got home. I love how there's like small beads to exfoliate yourself with while you wash your body. The 'small beads', as I call it, is not harsh at all. Its just enough to exfoliate the knees, elbows and whatever else! Soo overall, I love this product! Oh btw, whenever I use it in the bathroom, the smell doesn't go away for days!! (even when I go doo doo, smell never goes away) & you know when you scratch yourself and then theres like a white mark thing left when you don't put lotion because of dry skin? Yeah.. when I started using this, I can go out even without using any lotion. I can't wait for my next purchase with this one!

Cheers, Lee

(No, I wasn't sponsored to do this and all. Personal review)


  1. mmmmm.... I llove strauberry!!!!

    NUEVO POST emn mi blog, hoy los looks de mis viajes!!

    1. Same here! Who can ever resist strawberry haha

  2. I so need to try this! It looks so amazing :)


    1. Smells good too! Just don't get tempted to get a straw and slowly sip from it. hahaha