All New!

Hey guys! I basically probably ate something that made me umm, think of kinda changing what my blog is all about. I know for years now this has all been a fashion blog. I write and review about specific shops and all, showing off a few of my OOTD's and whatever else there is to show about fashion. Well, I realised that if this continues then I wouldn't get to often blog about things-- if you know what I mean. I, then decided to make this blog a splash of everything. From photography, lifestyle, fashion, food, travel, etc. I mean, I'm all about adventures and as much as I want to share it but I can't because its just a fashion focused blog? Idk but yeah. So, just a short update to all of you and thats it! You'd be hearing from my mouth as often as possible now. I'm sorry. haha
Love you lots! xx


  1. Great, it's so much fun when it is a mixed blog! Good luck!


  2. Thank you for the lovely comment on our blog.
    We're following you via GCF. Let us know when you follow us back.

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

    1. Hi Emma! Sorry, I can't seem to follow you?
      The link on your blog seems to have an error? x