Wild Owls

Look what came in mail today!!!!
I finally got my most anticipated top from Vivilli.


 Lookin' good with studs aye??
I can't wait to wear this top and well show it off to people 
(in a good way ofcourse!) lol

 The top reminds me of last year which me and my classmate did during recollection..
Owling. Hahahaha! oh good times 

The fabric is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I say soooo Fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
So good, top is comfortable.. I felt free as if I wasn't wearing any top at all. Haha!!!
The print, the studs.. ohhhwwww I can't get enough of! 

As I was lookin' around the top.. I saw something that makes the top more nicer!
They added something that made it easier to roll up the sleeve, I mean how nice is thatttt? ++++ points for meee!
But last but not least is the fact that the clothes at Vivilli  are really affordable + they serve free shipping worldwide!

I love the top like so much, do you love them too?

Gooo Shop Nanananowww. http://www.vivilli.com/ and enjoy! :)


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