March 16, 2012

Yesterday, our city celebrated "Araw ng Dabaw" a feast which we celebrate each year.
On this day, there are a lot of celebrities that goes to our city and celebrate with us.
Yesterday I only saw a few and they are JAMICH (the famous couple and hit youtuber!),
The Teen Heart throb Daniel Padilla (An actor and a Bass Player P.S. HE LOVES BATMAN!),
Pretty Actress & Host Alex Gonzaga (younger sister of Toni Gonzaga),
The Awesome Guy which is also the elder brother of Neil Coleta, It's Kuya Mark Coleta!
The friend of JAMICH, Kuya Archie! too bad I don't have a picture with him because he was carrying a lot of bags, Too shy. sayang!
and Last but not least, Zoren Legaspi! ALL I CAN SAY HE IS SOO TALL!!!!!
When I was talking to him I was like, "Tol ang tangkad mo, bakit ganun? nasa arms lang ako"
(English Translation; "Dude why are you soo tall? I'm only up to your arms.")
He just Smiled big and looked at me! lol

Soo here are some photos I took with them:
This is Kuya Mark Coleta, the awesome guyyy :), lol I felt shy after reflecting on how I asked him to have a picture with him because I poked him.. >.> When I saw him I was like HE IS SOO FAMILIAR so I ran (over exage, i just walked fast) and poked him and asked if we can have a picture together. boom!

At this time, I was asking Daniel, "5'10 ka? :\" (trans: "Are you 5'10?") then he said, "...ano?"
(trans: "...What?") then he went closer (i think his ears are still clogged up from the plane ride soo... i asked again lol) "5'10 ka? :)" (trans: "Are you 5'10?") then he nodded then this happened....

yup! I went beside him and compared my height, Im only at his neck part! WHAT IS MY HEIGHT!?!?!?!?

Now this is JAMICH, the guy's name is Jamvhille Sebastian and the gorgeous girl on the right is Pao Liggayu or as most people call her "Mich" because of her name Michelle. Before we had our picture taking I just stood up at the side and looked around until I was like, "*IS THAT JAMICH!?*(in mind)" & until I was sure that was JAMICH thanks to Jam's face & style with his New Era Cap which made me know that was them. (not in a mean way)of course again I walked fast and called my best friend's attention (mimi) and with my shy-ish voice asking, "Pwede papicture?" (Trans: Can we have a picture together?) and then Jam said, "Sure! Wait lang ah." (Trans: Sure, wait for a moment.) because he was gonna drink his water from the bottle. AHH! Pao is soo white made me jelly for a minute there and I was going to ask if what color her hair is.. It looks soo good on her!

Lol, it's Daniel Padilla again..lol but this time its a different location it's inside the airport.. He just came out of the Mens comfort room and this has gotta be my worst ask voice haha! "pwede ba daw papicture ulit? sabi niya. *points* *baby voice*" (trans: Can we have a picture together again? she asked.) HAHAHAHA! may halong bisaya duon ah!
(trans: Ohh! theres a mix of bisaya!(my city's language and Cebu)

Every time I see a white skinned girl I will immediately look and stare, while my staring talent became a good luck for me! When I stared at Alex, I was like... She is soo familiar.. familiar.. It's Alex I think
(lol i was super 50 50) because if that wasn't Alex and I will ask, "Ms. Can we have a picture together?" maybe she'll say, "Who are you? :O" soo yeah I was a super duper 50 50, but anyway I poked her and asked, "Miss, pwede pa picture? :)" (trans: Miss, Can we have a picture together?) I just said miss instead of Alex because maybe it wasn't her.. yet it turned out it was really her. lol *__*

My intention of this photo was to get a stolen shot of Zoren but it turned out he looked at the camera and smiled while he was tucking out his awesome neon shirt, oh well it's okay lol.

When I first saw Zoren as what I said earlier that he is soo tall, I again compared my height to him same as what I did to Daniel.. I want his height lol... seriously.

Well, That's all for now!
Hope to see you all again soon :)



  1. Nice pics. Have a nice week!:)


    A chic kiss ;)