Another Day @ School

Today was the day of our Math Long Test, everybody was studying to make it pass the test.. oh wait! did i say everybody? I mean some. haha! Most of the time that I got there was to take pictures of my Classmates while our Math Teacher haven't arrived yet! All I can say is that, I think all of my classmates are Vain.. prolly including me. >:)

The Photo which my best friend took while hanging out in the parking lot, Great photo right?
(Credits to Mimi Saladaga.)

hahaha, at the 2nd to the last photo *my classmate reading an algebra book* She's not actually reading! She's just posing for a profile picture for facebook! haha soo funny :) Oh and thats Leigh Oliva.

What Happened to the Fields cover? Why is it covered in holes? haha!! well I actually know the answer, the gradeschoolers kept kicking it and it ended up getting holes all over it. Hahaha soo funny but anyway This is the field where maybe next school year, our school will have the track and field Sport which if ever there is, Im gonna go for tryouts!! :) Wish me hell of luck :)

Jansport Buddeh's. Well, all of us best friends use Jansport as a School Bag, pretty cool aye? All of us got plain colors except for my best friend Karen! KAREEEEEEEEEENNNN!!! :))

The chubby kid, which in my mind I wanted/ I was tempted to pinch his cheeks but I can't. haha

THe blurry photo of frisbee players. FAIL haha

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