Photoshoot with myself.

Today, after the Auditions, I had a photoshoot, I was the photographer and at the same time the Model because there was nobody else to take it for me, my sister is on Duty, my brother went to the Dentist, my mum is Teaching & my dad is working in the other country. It was so hard because you need to adjust it a lot of times since you wouldn't know what it looks like by far! Oh well, here are the photos that I just took!! Hope you like it! :)

 At that moment, I was just wearing flats due to testing and looking out if i need to adjust it or not, but i sorta like this shot though! :) <3
I took this outside of our house due to dark lights inside of our house. I find it as a cute shot but the background irritates me, BOO :)) 

Oh right, before going out of the house.. I took this picture! WOAHH SOO WHITE, i wish im really this white! :(
It would've been nicer if it wasn't blur, err i need a photographer!! :\

I love these shots, even though its dark! <3

 Pretty Shot!! :) I placed this on lookbook! <3

Last shot of the day! :)

After the last shot/pose, timing it was already sunset but I was already lazy to take another photo then adjust, adjust, adjust!!! so I just took a picture of the sky, Lovin' it! <3

|Dress: Soul Lifestyle|Necklace: What A Girl Wants(WAGW)|Shoes: Lowrys Farm|

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